Meet Our Herd

George | 2002 Warmblood Gelding
George is a Warmblood cross gelding that was generously donated to TxTRC in 2019. George enjoyed a successful career in eventing and foxhunting prior to becoming a TxTRC herd member. George enjoys trail rides, teaching riders to post the trot, and relaxing in the field with his friends.
Junior | 2006 AQHA Gelding
Junior is a Palomino Quarter Horse gelding that made his TxTRC debut in 2019. He is a seasoned competitor and his smooth gaits and gentle demeanor have made him a herd favorite. His interests include traveling to horse shows, getting his hair braided, and escaping from his paddock.
Scooter | 2005 AQHA Gelding
Scooter is a chestnut Quarter Horse gelding that came to TxTRC through a generous lease in 2019. Scooter’s impressive resume in the show pen makes him a valuable asset to teach our riders and help them reach their goals. Even though he is one of our biggest horses, his slow way of going and kind demeanor make everyone feel at ease. His hobbies are showmanship, stealing mouthfuls of alfalfa in the aisle and traveling to horse shows.
Cactus | 2000 AQHA Gelding

Cactus is a bay Quarter Horse Gelding that is one of the original TxTRC herd members. Due to his steady, unflappable temperament, Cactus is usually every rider and volunteer’s first introduction to our program. He is our “go-to” horse and is always ready to serve. His interests include going on trail rides, spending time with his friends, and teaching riders the basics.

Cameron | 2004 Warmblood Gelding

Cameron is a bay Warmblood Gelding donated to TxTRC in 2019. Originally from Germany, Cameron enjoyed a successful career as a junior hunter prior to becoming a stellar therapy horse. His goofy, loveable personality makes him a barn favorite. His interests include scratching on trees, begging for treats and jumping.

Zorro | 2001 AQHA Gelding

Zorro is a dark bay Quarter Horse gelding that joined TxTRC in 2022. Prior to joining TxTRC, Zorro was a Quarter Horse racehorse and then a professional barrel racer who competed all over the country. His kind, sweet nature make him a rider and volunteer favorite. He enjoys mid-morning naps, lunch, and carrying some of our littlest riders.

Coco | Quarter Horse Mare

Coco is a flea-bitten grey Quarter Horse who joined TxTRC in 2021. Coco has extensive experience in Western Pleasure and showmanship. Not only is Coco our youngest horse, but she’s also the only mare in the herd! Coco is always intereted in what’s going on around her, and loves her human friends. When she’s not working she likes eating, getting scratches, and visiting with volunteers and riders.

Vinny | 2003 AQHA Gelding

Vinny came all the way from Michigan to join TxTRC! He has an extensive show record on the AQHA circuit and has competed in everything from Western Pleasure to showmanship to horsemanship. Vinny is a great horse for our independent riders and for our show team! When he’s not working, Vinny likes to get turned out with his buddy Scooter, roll in the dirt, and eat all the grass he can get to!