Texas Therapeutic Riding Center provides therapeutic sports riding for children and adults with special physical, cognitive, sensory, learning, social and/or emotional needs. Classes are taught by PATH International instructors, with specially trained and selected equines, and assisted by trained volunteers. The horse is a wonderful equalizer, and many of our riders, once mounted, experience a freedom of movement and ability that they may not have in other areas of their life.

In addition to being involved in an activity that provides physical, emotional, social and cognitive benefits, our riders also can display their equestrian skills in competition. From Special Olympics to the Paralympics, there is a pathway for any rider to pursue their competitive goals at TxTRC.

How to Become a TxTRC Client

  • Call the office at 469-237-6723 to schedule an unmounted client evaluation and tour with Shelby our Program Director.
  • Complete the client application
  • Register to receive a lesson assignment and mount up!

Therapeutic Sports Riding Offerings:

Private Lessons (30 minutes)

Semi-Private Lesson (45 minutes with 2 riders)

Group Lesson (60 minutes with up to 4 riders)

Fees: $55/lesson